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LA PERLA Profile

Established in Taiwan in 2006, LA PERLA International Corporation (LA PERLA), a factory 1manufacturing-based company, aims to achieve the increasing demands for finer design and professional services. We specially produce a wide range of high-quality glassware and gift items, providing excellent design service and setting customer satisfaction as our top priority.

With a large amount of the latest design, LA PERLA has been the name of glass works, well-known to the worldwide hotels, restaurants, stores, and decor shops as both popular interior ornaments and useful wares in the daily life. factory 2 Comprising the head quarter in the southern Taiwan and a factory in Guangdong, China, LA PERLA always put the heart to make the products. Due to the outstanding skills and techniques, our factory is capable of various superb glassware production.

The glass works are specialized in, including vases,factory 3 lamps, photo frames, plates, jewelry boxes, medal cups, coasters, ashtrays and more others. Flat glass is adapted as the main material to manufacture LA PERLA's elegant and gracious goods. For the already-accomplished or the newly-customized items, we always offer amazing and innovative goods that cannot be found anywhere else.

Our design team and production capability make the excellent supplies. Therefore, LA la perla factory 4PERLA never fails to satisfy clients' requirements and expectations. Our competitive strengths consist of the prompt delivery, the first-rate customer service, the flawless products, and the client satisfaction orientation. Moreover, ODM/OEM inquiries are also the most welcome. Feel free to for the best glass works/gifts/decor.

We greatly value the opportunity of building the business relationship with you. Any comments and advices are highly welcome. It is also hoped that we can explore and develop your ideal products. LA PERLA does much more just than selling glassware. It is our services that have made what we are.